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Welcome to Cognitive Workshops, a cognitive therapy training company run by Dr. Lorna Tener, a psychologist in private practice in Ottawa, Canada, and her husband Brian Toller. Here you can find out about the workshops we organize for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other mental health professionals.

The workshops focus on beginner and advanced cognitive therapy training, and are given by speakers who are outstanding in their fields of expertise. Workshops tend to be two-day, offering proven, practical skills to improve a therapist’s technique. They are offered in Canada and Great Britain. Since 1995, more than 26,500 mental health professionals have attended our events.

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August 25, 2015

Canadian Address | Cognitive Workshops | 108-858 Bank St. | Ottawa, ON  |  K1S 3W3

United Kingdom Address |  Cognitive Workshops | #410, 10 Great Russell Street | London |  WC1B 3BQ

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A two-day workshop

presented by

Christine A. Padesky, Ph.D.


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We will be bringing Dr. Christine Padesky back to Canada with an updated version of her very popular workshop CBT Boot Camp.


Canada Fall 2015

This updated version of Dr. Padesky’s very popular workshop, CBT Boot Camp (first offered in Canada in 2010) is especially designed for novice and intermediate level CBT therapists who want to build and strengthen core clinical competencies as well as understand more clearly how therapist skills parallel skills that we want to teach clients. By the end of Boot Camp, participants will achieve greater CBT fitness in the areas of: therapy structure and alliance, improving client ability to observe and self-monitor, assigning and debriefing relevant homework relevant to specific client moods, and use of guided discovery methods (such as Socratic dialogue, thought records, and behavioural experiments).

In addition, participants learn how to use the new 2nd edition of Mind Over Mood (Greenberger & Padesky, release date October 2015) in therapy to work more effectively with depression, anxiety disorders, anger, guilt, and shame. Participants in this workshop will be among the first therapists in Canada to learn directly from Dr. Padesky about how to link this new version of her self-help workbook with evidence based treatment protocols.


Oct 29-30, 2015


Nov 2-3, 2015


Nov 18-19, 2015


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CBT Boot Camp 2.0 About Dr. Christine Padesky