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Welcome to Cognitive Workshops, a cognitive therapy training company run by Dr. Lorna Tener, a psychologist in private practice in Ottawa, Canada, and her husband Brian Toller. Here you can find out about the workshops we organize for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other mental health professionals.

The workshops focus on beginner and advanced cognitive therapy training, and are given by speakers who are outstanding in their fields of expertise. Workshops tend to be two-day, offering proven, practical skills to improve a therapist’s technique. They are offered in Canada and Great Britain. Since 1995, more than 28,000 mental health professionals have attended our events.

October 22, 2016


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We are delighted to bring back Dr. Melanie Fennell to Canada in this November. She will be presenting a two day workshop entitled Overcoming Low-Self Esteem: A Transdiagnostic CBT Approach to Break the Cycle of Anxiety & Depression.

Toronto – Nov 3-4, 2016

Ottawa – Nov 8-9, 2016


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Overcoming Low Self-Esteem


About Melanie Fennell

Toronto – Nov 3-4/16

Ottawa – Nov 8-9/16

Low self-esteem is one of the most common problems encountered in clinical practice. It is associated with a wide range of emotional, interpersonal, and psychiatric problems, makes it hard for people to benefit from psychological treatment, and predicts relapse. More broadly, it can undermine clients’ ability to lead satisfying lives or to form and maintain fruitful relationships.

Dr Melanie Fennell, one of the UK’s top cognitive therapy trainers, has developed a cognitive model of low self-esteem which suggests that clients’ underlying negative beliefs about themselves are expressed through a vicious cycle that includes symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Once established, this cycle can be self-reinforcing and difficult to break. Her treatment program offers therapists ways to break that cycle and work effectively with clients whose difficulties cross diagnostic boundaries or are not readily encapsulated within them. The model offers clarity and guidance in the targeted use of evidence-based therapies and offers relief and understanding to therapist and client alike in making sense of what can at first appear a confusing mix of multiple and unrelated problems.


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“Melanie Fennell’s teaching is a delight. I admire her clinical creativity, interactive presentations, and ability to be compassionate and humorous at the same time.

Don’t miss this workshop!”

Christine A. Padesky, PhD

Distinguished Founding Fellow, Academy of Cognitive Therapy



We still need one or two Workshop Aides for the Ottawa and Toronto workshops. You can save $100 off the Full Rate fee if you can come early and help us set up and run the workshop. Please contact Dr. Tener for more information.