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18-19 MAY 2015

A New Show Me! Workshop Presented by Christine A. Padesky, Ph.D

Most therapists want to improve clients' sense of well-being and overall quality of life in addition to relieving stress. This is especially true for vulnerable clients with complex issues and those who suffer social stigma because of chronic mental health problems. For these clients, Strengths-Based CBT (SB-CBT) can provide a more positive therapy experience than therapy approaches that are solely problem focused. An emphasis on strengths and resilience is a welcome change for clients who may feel worse when therapy is solely focused on problems, especially when change comes slowly.

While SB-CBT methods can be used with most types of clients, this new workshop by master clinician Christine A. Padesky, Ph.D. places special emphasis on demonstration of SB-CBT with vulnerable clients and chronic issues.  Learn how to: identify client strengths even when clients deny their existence, help clients build a personal model of resilience, incorporate strengths-based methods into classic CBT protocols, and use the NEW Paradigm approach to address chronic issues.

Dr. Christine Padesky

Dr. Padesky demonstrates SB-CBT applications under both ideal and then more challenging circumstances. Each demonstration highlights subtle decision points that guide her SB-CBT practice. For example:

Education Credits

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance on the second day of the workshop indicating that they have received 12 hours of training in Cognitive Therapy.

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“I have been to 5 workshops with Dr Padesky. All have been very good, but this was superlative. A combination of what I wanted - lots of live "show me" teaching and everything really worked. Dr Padesky was really in peak form.  

I cannot imagine anything better.”

Delegate at this workshop in Toronto

Places are still available for this workshop.

Show Me!

How often do you watch a master clinician at work and wonder, "How did she know to ask that?" "Why did she do that?" Past workshop participants frequently comment that some of the best learning in Christine Padesky's workshops comes from her clinical demonstrations. Listening to this feedback, Dr. Padesky decided to structure a new workshop series around clinical demonstrations, rather than didactic presentations.  In this first workshop of her new "Show Me!" series, she reveals what is going through her mind during demonstrations of SB-CBT applications with vulnerable clients. You will have the opportunity to ask questions such as:

After each demonstration, experiential learning activities offer opportunities to practice and discover gaps in knowledge and skill. Dr. Padesky answers questions and provides clarifying demonstrations during these practice periods.

What is Strengths-Based CBT

Over the past decades, Padesky and Mooney have introduced a number of clinical innovations into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) including use of constructive language, four stages of Socratic dialogue, therapeutic use of smiling, positive imagery, and methods to construct new beliefs and behavioral patterns. These contributions are now integrated into a unified model they call Strengths-Based CBT which has three areas of application: (1) integrate strengths within classic CBT, (2) help clients become more resilient using a four-step model, and (3) create a New Paradigm for clients with chronic problems.


To learn more about Dr. Padesky’s whole approach to CBT, how it is being taught and used in the UK, and why she relies on a strengths-based approach, read this fascinating interview with her  just published in Private Practice, a publication of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy.